It has been a week after I moved in with Jen and I still haven't unpack my stuffs. Everything is in boxes except for my sleeping stuffs. Even my clothes are still in my suitcase. What a simple life. I'm adapting to the environment as best as I can, although I still can't convince myself that lizard's droppings are normal things. Nevertheless, I'm coping well (the trick is to take off my spectacles).

I had a great weekend. I attended an Indian wedding, met up with my best friend Eva, went imaginary shopping (pretending that we want to buy whatever we fancy), had sushi (I love sushi!), had ice-cream (ice-cream tasted better after eating wasabi), did a makeover for my handphone (I'm a proud owner of Nokia 3210) and it looks like brand new after I changed the housing and bought a casing; and serviced my bike.

Well, basically I'm just enjoying myself during my last few weeks in Johor. After getting rid of my burden, I felt like I deserved a break before I say 'Au Revoir, Johor'.