Yesterday Ainie and I went Xmas shopping (darn that parking card costed me RM10 and I've noooo moneeeyy) all over JB. We ended up buying garlands of tinsel, boxes of shiny balls, and rolls of ribbon to decorate the non-existing (yet) Xmas trees. All these worth RM304.16. Thank God I'm not paying it out of my account.
We picked up my portable mattress I bought eons ago, then dropped it at Jen's house. It's exactly my idea of being a full-blown nomad. I like being portable so that explains why I wanna own a laptop like crazy. Ainie let me drive the car (and gambled her life) and it's just not any car it's a manual car, so we had a maniac, laughing moments where she kept saying, 'Don't be nervous! Relax..' 'I'm not nervous, I'm laughing see?' every time the car jerked and I was desperately trying to balance the clutch (I wanna own a manual car some day seriously) / change gear.
I promised my friend to sleep at Skudai. Dear, ol' Skudai my bestest ever Skudai. Apparently, somebody committed suicide at the block across my friend's place. That explained why it's extra quiet last nite.
So this morning I was sitting on my bike, warming up the engine for another day of absurd illegal self-racing moments to work when I noticed the fuel indicator nearing 'E' level. I thought to myself, 'I have to drive slowly today so I don't have to stop by at the nearest Shell.'
When I was on the road, the thought striked me ridiculous that I had to say aloud, 'Since when can I drive slowly??' So what the heck, I just stopped by to fill the fuel, and drove to work at 120km/h. I punched in at 8.59am. Not bad since I left home at 8.40am.

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