God forbid Adam to eat the apple but Adam touched it.

I was standing in a pharmacy waiting for my friend to buy her monthly stock, I don't have to point it out anyway coz the only time a girl entered a pharmacy is solely for that purpose. That, or more makeup.

Facing the rack opposite the rack where the monthly stock is kept, my eyes scanned the items in interest and the interest heightened when I saw two items in colorful boxes and bottles standing neatly in a row.

I took a step nearer and narrowed my eyes. Hmm. Started counting the number of different boxes that stared wickedly at me. There was eight different types after all and I thought there's only one type that existed in the whole entire world. Apparently, I was the frog under the coconut shell all this while.

The first box has three types of fruit shown on it. F-ru-it flavored?? What the fish?? Why the fish they need to make it with tasty fruit flavors? I grinned. The second box boasted a more advanced feature - it's ridged. My fingers tingled, I wanted to take it and turned the box around for instruction. The third box gleefully told me it's com-fit. I snorted in laughter, but kept on reading the next one. The fourth one, which happened to be the most sell-able item, was the thinnest. The fifth one had a love-shaped devil printed on it, for devils know why. I will have to come back to the same pharmacy for the details of the sixth, the seventh & the eight box.

I leant nearer and stole a glance at the bottles of lotion beneath the boxes. That was when I broke off in loud laughter.

Heavens! Mercy on me. It's like being in a workshop! I was tickled pink by the time my friends dragged me out of the pharmacy.

'Aku ingat gapo la mek nih tengok sampai khusyuk sangat pastu terbongkok2 gelak. Malu betul jalan ngan mu! Toksey bawak mu jale lagi!'

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