Some days are just wonderful.

Some days I wake up from a beautiful dream and I open my eyes to greetings of 'good morning' and smile from friends. Some days have sweet sms in my inbox from faraway friends who remembered me in the middle of the night. Some days start with a cuppa coffee and hot toast, while we discuss what we wanna plan for the day and finish the stories we told the night before over breakfast.

Some days I step out into warm sunshine and breezy day, and it was really really beautiful I smile to myself and hum a song. Some days there are no traffic jam and I can ride my bike 120km/h for fun. Some days I work on my design and the idea keeps pouring out like fountain. Some days I deal with nice people who ask normal questions. Some days I laugh at people's jokes and tease Ainie & Jen, and even Chairman endlessly.

Some days I can leave the office early, then I spend the time at the lake watching the sunset. Then I go back to watch favorite programs on tv and chilling out on the floor with Kak Za, joking to each other. Some days I end everything with a smile, retiring to a peaceful and contented sleep.

Some other days I just wanna hurl the pc on the floor, yell at the MS Outlook and shoot people who got on my nerve.

But then. That wouldn't be good for my new year's resolution.

I wanna be a good-natured girl always.


OK, not always. Most of the time. Except when I'm PMS-ing. Or deprived of chocolates. Or both.

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