Enuff sob stories, even though I still feel homesick giler2. To fulfill Romzi's request, I let myself be tagged.

Something you want to do in your life :Travel all around the world - backpacker style.
One song that you could listen over and over again :That changes according to my mood. Currently I like Photograph by Nickelback. It reflects my situation right now (homesick, homesick...)

Coke or Pepsi?
Coke. That's what they usually serve in KFC or McD right?
Something you currently desire :
Back to JB, chilling out with friends! :)
One good deed you've done lately :I've been bad, bad, bad all the way. I'm evil. Ask the Evil Queen (Jen).

A funny moment in your life :I spluttered my drink all over Chairman. Survivor said something funny, or maybe it was Jen, about Ainie's eating habit. I was drinking and I couldn't help it so tersembur kat Chairman. Abis basah baju dier. Chairman terus tolak kerusi ke belakang, swearing like gila2 'What the fish??' Felt really embarrassed to Chairman, but the rest thought it was hysterical. Except for me and yang kena sembur. He was very indignified by that.

There are a lot other funny stuff in my life. I led a funny life in the first place. Everybody around me is funny except me.