Every morning when I came into the office, I head to the pantry, pour a glass of water and make tea / milo, then walk all the way to the back of the office, where my place is. Switch on my PC, check email, reply them, read online news (I'm the only person paid to read newspaper every day), print / save those related to the business, and attend to my projects. On certain mornings, I also attend to my boss' demands.


I'm getting tired of this routine. To be truthful, I hate working under somebody else. I loathe it to take orders. But most of all, I venomously detest the sense of entrapment of this dull life, subject to demands and less-than-equal rewards I'm getting (picture this: belajar separuh mati, carik keja macam nak rak, keja mati-mati, tapi gaji ciput).

But I need the dough, to survive and give me a sense of stability bcoz right now, I've enough on my plates to feel the world is like a roller-coaster. I am a highly independant girl, the idea of just giving up everything and let my man bring home the meat is... unlikely. Unless kalau dok rumah pun boleh keja (sekarang konsep working from home dah popular, kan?) dan yang penting dapat duit, wallah! Settle my problem.

Paling best sekali, kalau kerja tu benda yang aku suka - designing. Huhu..! I'll be on cloud nine. Carneyz - the graphic designer. Sigh.