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I was engrossed in my latest design work when the phone rudely interrupted me. It was the Legal Manager.

She: You sound sick.
Me: I am sick.
She (with concerns): What happened?
Me: Must be the weather. Damn hot, right?
She (smugly): Oh well. JB's raining every day.
Me (stopped fiddling with the pen tool): Why are you telling me this? To make me feel bad about leaving JB?
She: Haha! Now you know!
Me: Don't start (coughed), I'm already sick. Don't add that homesick element some more.

The Finance Manager stopped by my table, looked at my design, then said,

'So when are you going to JB?'
'What's the point of me moving to KL if I'm going back to JB?' I replied incredulously. He laughed uproariously.
'You don't miss JB?' He took one look at my expression then said, 'OK. Continue work.'

This morning, while discussing some quotations that we received:

'So. Hmm. If we take this design company, you can make trips to JB.'
I shot an odd look at him.
'Is that good or bad?' I asked. He looked at me in surprise.
'Oh well. I suppose you do need occasional trips to JB.'

If Mohammed won't go to the mountains...