I have no freakin' idea why is my bike throwing tantrums of late. I mean, look how much the recent tantrum costed - RM 290! The most expensive so far!

My darling bike, at times I wonder whether getting a car is the solution to your temperamental problem. But luckily, you got one cute, little, loyal till death-do-as-part owner. Yeah, me. Just hope we don't end up dead, CLK.

I'm probably having a mental case myself but well, that's normal.

I woke up early today (considering I'm not working today), and straightaway tidied up my room, plunged into the beauty regime (scrub, scrub, scrub using the new scrubber promised to make my skin buffed up & polished), and then after a series of washing, exfoliating, brushing, toning, moisturising, cleansing and finally putting on tudung-sying, I went to send my comforter to the laundry. It will take me another week to see my comforter again. Duh. Inefficient. When I was in Skudai, I could get it by the next day... Ouch. Miss Taman U again.

Then here I am, updating my blog again (get a life!). Logged on to YM and suddenly
Mildred popped up:
M: Hiya Carneyz. What r u doing in KL?
campusgirl_utm: Err. Working?
M: But I thot ur working in *****?
campusgirl_utm: Yeah. I'm transferred to HQ.
A series of conversation later...
M: So when ur getting hitched?
campusgirl_utm: NOOO! Not that topic!
M: Or ur already HITCHED??

It's scary, you know, talking about (gulp), that topic. Now, I wonder what's Jen's story. Hmm. Jen, ur getting hitched any time soon? :P Sooner?