I need a break, I need a break, I need a break!

Head rested on table, hands clutched Teddy Bear with Sling Bag which was given by Eva when I turned 20. 'I love u sooo much, Teddy!' smacked kisses on teddy's snout.

Now all the stuffed toys collection are looking at me accusingly.

... Teddy je? they seemed to shout. So I had to pick up each toys and smacked kisses on each of them (yup, even the 'Moose yang Gila' and the grubby yellow teddy). 'I love all of u equally, but Teddy is a special gift from my best friend.'

Outside, it was drizzling. I'd give all the money in Bank Negara to go back now. Firstly, I need to bring in my laundry. Secondly, I came back from office at 9pm yesterday because I was stuck in the office doing work + heavy rain. Thirdly, the battle with a cockroach that escaped into my room (now dead) left me feeling extra tired (spent quarter of an hour hunting it down. I hate cockroaches). Fourth, tomorrow as part of my Masters' programme under Trump, I am required to attend a meeting that Trump said, could last up to 6-7 hours. Dinner will be provided. Hah. That's how long the meeting's gonna take place. Fifth, there's a Baby Bloopers show on TV at 7 this evening. I need a reason to laugh.

I've been working extra hard nowadays. Draft press release, design A&P materials, source for quotation, prep next issue, yada2x. Plus Trump's assignment. Yesterday I went to see my boss and requested to have some of my tasks be relieved off me for the moment until I completed Trump's assignment. This afternoon, I worked hard collating & matching data, and tonight I'll be filling up the ridiculous chart. Esok mesti siap, Trump nak tengok.

Guys, I think I can't stand it anymore. I gotta go back, I need my sleep and rest. Ladida & yup, the Malaysia hottest issue illustrated below.