Ohmegod. Don't tell me I can't attend my friend's wedding this weekend! *bite nails* I've bought the ticket and all... *inhale breath sharply*

Trump: This is rather slow. I need the report before next week.
Me (blinked in confusion): I'm sorry, there's not much I can do since you asked me to do it yesterday (yesterday evening, Mr. Trump. You think I'm the Internet itself ke?). I mean, I'm still doing it.

Trump: You have to think, you know.
Me (in heart): Oh yeah? Don't I just?? The room was filled with a bunch of white-haired people who spent their lifetimes in their work, and they can't even churn out a cent worth of two-cents. You want me to do that in what? 1 day??
Me: Sorry, Datuk.
Trump: While you're at that, I want you to also furnish these info. Number 1, blabla... Number 2, blabla.. also, blabla...
Me *vision of rolling around on the carpet*: Yes, Datuk. OK, Datuk. I will, Datuk. (die, Carneyz, DIEEE!!)

Backtrack to Wednesday:

Coming out of the tiring meeting, straightaway attacking Google. The Finance Manager wandered and stopped by for a chat.

FM: You're not going to JB? (his favorite question)
Me: No, Mr. C. I'm very occupied right now.
FM: So how do you find KL?
Me: OK-lah.
FM: OK only? KL more fun what...
Me: ...
FM: Been anywhere?
Me (stopping to answer him politely): My life exists between office and Kinokuniya, Mr. C.
FM (started to laugh) : Aiya... No friends here kah?
Me: I bred everything in JB.
FM (laughed again): Get a boyfriend-lah!
Me (laughed as hard & decided to play along): Aiyo, that bad ke? Now ur making my life sounds pathetic pulak. You tell me, is there a guy who wants to spend his time on a date in a bookstore ke?
FM: Aiya, you. Get a life la.
Me: Some other time, not now la. I've got a deadline, you know?
FM: What? To get married?
Me *geleman* : Don't talk about that 'M' word. My deadline for this report la.

There's a 50-50% chance I can go to my friend's wedding. Only 50%. Rasa macam zaman buat tesis dulu la pulak. Tekanan perasaan...