Last weekend, I spent my time at home watching tv, reading books and sleeping. In a simplified way, I spent the time being a lazybum who wakes up at 10am and stays in bed until 12pm. For a change from routine and past weeks totally out of home 7 days a week, this is rather cool.

On Saturday, after coming back from work, I was supposed to go to Bib's place because her niece is having a 1-year old party and I was invited to stay over. I changed the plan because 1. it was raining cats and dogs. 2. I was totally wasted from my late night business trip of which I reached home at 12.30am.

I like travelling. In my current job, I certainly love this part the most. Not only because I get to stay in 5-star hotels, but also because I get bored easily in a confined, no-movement environment. Tapi, sejak company nak cut cost by asking us to travel AirAsia, it certainly reduces the joy of travelling by 50% less. It's such a hassle to commute to LCCT (why didn't they have ERL to LCCT??), and AirAsia never uses aerobridge so we have to walk, baggage and all, to the end of the tarmac (why can't they park directly in front of the terminal's door?!) which is like, 300 metres away (haha, lazybums). Plus, the LCCT doesn't have Famous Amos outlet (I always make a point to buy a cookie or two from Famous Amos). They do, however have one of the best turkey & cheese sandwich around (RM 6 for an outrageously small sandwiches).

Ahad. Aku bangun lambat lagi, kemas rumah, tanak nasi, tumis sambal bilis, goreng sosej, dan lepas mandi, lepak di depan tv lagi sambil makan. Tapi petang tu tetiba aku terasa nak buat perubahan drastik jadi aku pun pegi ke salon gunting rambut. Amoy tu cakap, kalau gunting rambut RM12, kalau cuci sekali RM18. Hmm. Best gak tu. Aku pun cuci dan gunting rambut. Huhu, seronok rasanya bila dia tekan2 kepala aku dan lepas tu siap urut2 tengkuk aku. Pergh, marvelous!

Dah setel cuci rambut, dia tanya aku, 'Amoy, u mau potong rambut sampai mana?' Aku pun terdiam berfikir2. 'Sampai paras bahu la.' aku jawab. 'Haa? U betul2 mau potong pendek ke? u rambut panjang oo, dekat2 pinggang mau potong pendek ke?' Amoy itu terperanjat. 'Ha.' Aku jawab ringkas.

Dengan itu, dia pun potong rambut aku yang panjang tu sampai pendek. Kepala aku terasa ringan. Bila dia kasi aku cermin, aku tengok dan tersenyum. Muahahahha! Rambut aku dah pendek! Selamat tinggal rambut panjangku! Ahahahahaha!

Kalau ikutkan hati, aku nak potong sampai paras tengkuk, tapi sebab aku dah nak balik, risau pulak mak aku tak boleh terima dan terus pengsan bila aku tanggalkan tudung. Tapi...

Muahahahahahaha! Aku sungguh berpuas hati. Rasa macam best bila dah potong rambut.