Chairman was in the office today. Before anything is narrated here, Chairman made me so humiliated last week that I was extremely angry at him (or probably, he was a victim of my anger tirade due to my personal problem as much as he was the predator who loves to make me angry).

I have no idea why. We started off as good friends but ever since I moved to KL, and whenever I had to ask for his help in work, the experience left me feeling like I want to plunge my hand in the phone receiver, grab him by the collar and shout, 'That was important, ok?? Can't you help me as a friend if not colleague? I helped you, didn't I, you ungrateful Earthling??'

At the current moment, I like Chairman less than fire likes water.

Chairman, oblivious to my frozen expression, greeted, 'Morning, Carneyz.'

I grunted in reply. He stood, unsure of whether I had replied him or not. Then trying to make conversation, he asked, 'Is Zara due already?'

I grunted again. He was baffled, by his expression. Then, he went straight to the point,

'Can I use your PC?'

I tore my eyes from the screen to look at him in a disbelief, before finally breaking the ice, 'In front Im's place, there's a laptop.' I said that with gritted teeth which he did not take notice.

'Oh. Boleh guna ye?' He went to it and I rolled my eyes. 'Not under normal circumstance, usually we use that laptop to make coffee...' I said under my breath, but I didn't think he heard my sarcastic remark.

After a while, he walked back to my place. 'Can I use your email? Can't attach document on web mail la.' I almost shot at him, 'Apa lagi, you anak orang kaya? Can't you see I'm not talking to you? Humiliated me last time, buat don't know ye? Gigit baru tau!'

But he was putting on his most innocent and poyo face that left me wondering whether he actually knew how angry I was last week. Feeling resigned and because I don't particularly wish to be as unhelpful as him, I just shoved off the chair aside to let him use my PC.


Me: Poyo was here just now.
Ainie: Really? Lempang karang (??)
Me (enthusiastic): Lempang kuat sket, bagi pihak I.

(Both laughed evilly)

Apparently, I wasn't the only one annoyed with him.

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