My CLK needs to have its battery changed. I am still debating whether I should just wait until next month to do so as I am running on critically low cash fund. However, the idea of going back at night with half-dead light (my signal lights have voluntarily committed suicide) is not that comforting either. Apa nak buat? Tukar ajelah besok.

My bike is a funny thing. I am 100% sure that it didn't like me back in JB. It kept burning a hole in my pocket with all sorts of maintenance cost. But ever since I had my accident, I think it has changed its mind when I shed tears over the sight of its damaged body. One thing that amuses me very much is the fact that it hates other people riding it. CLK lets its feelings clearly known if somebody else ride the bike by screeching like a banshee until the whole of KL can hear it coming. Seriously. I am really embarrassed when CLK is in this kind of mood.

There are more than once I feel like smacking its head but I really, really love my CLK. Strangely enough, whenever I ride my CLK, it only whines once or twice (buat2 manja la konon) then happily brings me to my destination without so much as a roar. Perhaps the reason is because I feed it with only the best (Shell fuel), and bathe it almost every week so it has recognized me as its cute little owner :p

So tomorrow after work, I will bring my CLK to the workshop to have its battery changed. I bet it will flash its light delightfully to everybody once it's done to tell - 'Hey, my owner simply dotes on me! Unlike all of you, losers!'

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