We were in the bus, heading home. I was looking out of the window, and then shifted to face him.

'Nak main Bingo pun tak bley.'

Earlier on, we played Bingo to while the time away.

'Hmm.' He was sleepy.
'Main sambung citer nak?'
'Orang start dulu ye? Pada suatu malam, dalam hujan renyai2, ada sorang pompuan tgh gendong anak. Dier pun berteduh di bus stop. Ok, awak sambung.'

He thought for some time. I waited. And waited. Finally he opened his mouth.
'Lepas tu datang bas dan pemandu tupun hantar dier balik rumah.'

There was quiet. He looked expectantly at me. I looked in disbelief at him. That was the best story ever. It ended in less than five sentences.