I'm feeling very restless. This morning, I spent about two hours with my fingers poised on the keyboard trying to figure out what exactly I want to construct in that presentation. Trump is in a bad mood and I'm having a mental block. It's not a good combination, those two.

Finally I gave up. It's not that I don't know what to write, I just don't know which one to begin with. Should this idea precedes that idea, or that idea is the base to all the other ideas? My super active mind is somehow rushing in multiple directions today at a speed that I can't hardly understand. In frustration, I walked and wandered aimlessly. I feel like venting my frustration at something. The things that were wrestling in my head had slowly mounted in excess energy that needed to be drained out in order for me to think.

So I did what I do best when I'm distracted. I opened the department's cabinet. Things are strewn about untidily at every shelves. T-shirt samples mixed with paperbag samples, diary samples scattered haphazardly, and pens of rainbow colors were everywhere. The document cabinet were in the same state of mess - unknown piles of papers and folders filled the lowest shelf. Finished artworks were stacked carelessly on the top shelf. The only shelf that resembled a sort of civilized look is the middle shelf.

The first thing I did was to get a box from the store room. Then, in my typical mode of operation, I threw everything on the floor. Then I began to sort the papers out. Those that didn't meet my standard (is of the past, will never be looked again and will never be missed, ever) ended up in the waste bin. Those that might be of use but of the past were stacked neatly in the box. Printed FAs were filed away in its file. Souvenir cabinet also underwent the same springcleaning operation.

Two hours later, both the document cabinet and souvenir cabinet looked more or less a picture of perfection. Everything is in its place and there are plenty of room for more things. I beamed at my own creation. It was hugely satisfying to throw away useless stuffs.

In my head, two voices spoke to each other:

Voice 1: Between a rich, handsome guy and a tidy cabinet, which one would you choose?
Voice 2: Definitely a tidy cabinet.

Chairman, if your table is magically whisked to KL, I'd return it spotlessly tidy with documents organized in the document tray according to dates and subject and half the papers ended up in the dustbin.