I know I'm not supposed to tell the world about this but I can't resist it. Hehe. Sorry, you... ;)

After landing at KLIA from my outstation trip, I sms-ed Beloved to pick me up at KL Sentral. When I reached KL Sentral, I sa w a message from him, telling me he was on his way. So I switched on my laptop and was about to start playing Solitaire when suddenly a bouquet of yellow marigolds just fell on my lap.

My first thought was - this gotta be a mixed-up case. I was about to turn around and told whoever dropped these flowers that he had got the wrong person.

I saw him. I gave a yelp. I scooped up the bouquet and gave another yelp. I could turn into a yelping species next.

'Sorry, they don't have sunflowers,' he said apologetically. Forget about sunflowers. Any flowers, even free by-the-roadside flowers from him is priceless! I think I continued cradling the precious flowers and crooning to them like they were a new-born baby. I was so shocked + surprised + on the verge of tears to receive a bouquet of flowers from Beloved.

'Do you like it?' he asked me anxiously. Haha! Was he being adorably nonplussed on purpose? Of course I do! I nodded my head, still speechless, unable to utter any word unless he wanted to hear me yelp again. I think if he popped the question 'Will you marry me NOW?' I could probably agree to it in my state of delirious happiness. Thank goodness he didn't.

That was the first time I received flowers for no reasons from anybody. I know, I know! I'm being pathetically mushy, but who wouldn't appreciate a bouquet of flowers from their loved ones?

Then when I had found my voice, I slipped my hand in my pocket and got out something.

'I bought you this. I thought I wanted to surprise you first, but...' beamed happily at him. He beamed appreciatively at the pure white small teddy bear.

It just so happened that we both had been thinking to give surprise gifts to each other that day. Sigh. Now I sleep with the flowers beside me so before I sleep I would cuddle the bouquet lovingly and kissed each flowers goodnight. Pathetic, Carneyz, pathetic. I know, I know...

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