Let's face it - a visit to a dentist is a scary prospect that left you in pain for several days onwards. So I wasn't really happy when I suddenly woke up to a severe pain under my right jaw and thus led me to conclude that the dreaded journey somehow is inescapable.

Last Friday, I went to a dental clinic in Gombak. The clinic that I went to is 'Klinik Pergigian Noorhuda'. My first question was - 'Do you accept credit cards?' (What snob!) coz a trip to a dentist does not only left you in pain physically, but financially as well. Never mind the fact that I can claim afterwards from my company but you know, it takes ages to get the claim processed. My last medical claim cheque actually grew mildew on it. Imagine!

I seriously recommend this clinic to everybody because of the great service, the friendly staff and the doctor's very soothing manner.

I went into the room and after a friendly greeting, was asked to sit on the patient reclining chair. The nurse tied a bib and the doctor started asking me what kind of pain I experienced, how old I was and the reason he asked was probably because I might grow that last tooth, whatchacallit, gigi bongsu.

After examining my teeth, he sat and explained in detail, that my back teeth are a bit lower than the rest of my teeth. So that meant even though I brush my teeth regularly, there're areas I can't reach. Over time, this caused buildup of cavities and now there're holes in these two tooth. My gigi bongsu also doesn't have space to grow and it's best if I had this extracted.

You should see the way he explain the part about extracting this gigi bongsu. He made it sound so fun like wow, I can't wait to have this tooth out! That surgery is like getting foot massage. It was no wonder I readily agreed at once to this suggestion.

First, he X-rayed my denture. He explained the X-ray film like telling a five-year-old a bedtime story. Then he gave me a couple of antibiotics and painkillers to swallow. After that he asked me to open my mouth wide and I tried not to look at the deadly syringe that contained anaesthetic. He hummed and told me in a soothing voice to recite Al-Fatihah, selawat, etc. while he injected my gum. Perhaps because I was relaxed, it didn't hurt badly. It felt like ant's bite. After a minute, half of my mouth felt numb.

I was relaxed throughout the whole entire operation except there's this one incident that his equipment which was in my mouth skidded and I heard a cracking sound that I panicked and my eyes nearly popped out. He quickly told, 'Takde apa2. Everything's ok. Relax...'

Half an hour later, I had safely delivered my gigi bongsu (hahaha!), which I asked to keep but later, forgot to take it back. I picked up my meds, arranged a follow-up appointment and then went back home for some rest.

Saturday. Nothing happened. No pain, no fever (the doctor warned I might feel feverish after that surgery). On Sunday & Monday however, I was attacked by a surge of extreme pain and uncomfortable feeling around the wound so I went back to the clinic earlier than my pre-arranged appointment. He cleaned the wound (macam kena electrocute!), picked out some food that managed to get into the wound, and gave more painkiller, antibiotics and a day mc. So yesterday, I was on mc again (nasib baik my tasks are mostly cleared off last week).

So that was my experience at the dental clinic. So, if anybody want to go and see a dentist, I do recommend this clinic because they have post-check up service for free and experienced dentist. Thumbs up for the doctor!

P/S: I would like to take the opportunity to wish all Malaysians 'Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan' :) Please take a moment to appreciate our freedom from oppression, and to remember those who are oppressed or robbed off their country's liberty i.e. Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq. I am Malaysian and I am proud of it.