Raya is back again and around the corner. Suddenly AirAsia's website is more important than any other website in the world! Making arrangement to go back requires high mathematical skills and a pre-set (template) Excel file, like this one:

Anybody who wants to own that kind of template can email me and it'll be RM65 please, to cover AirAsia's admin & fuel surcharge cost.
All I need to do is to fill in the cells with latest air flight fares which have increased dramatically over the past 1 year. I'm rather spoilt for choice, sometimes. Because I always balik kampung to my grandparents' house in Sibu, I could travel:
a. KL-SIBU (direct) - return fares are cheaper BUT the connecting travel via road / river (it's very adventurous being a Sarawakian) is rather difficult to arrange due to inconvenient hour of the flight due to different fares for different flight times... Susah, kan?
b. KL-KUCHING-SIBU (transit Kuching) - another option to match the time BUT the fare is a stopping factor.
c. KL-KUCHING-MUKAH (transit Kuching) - well, Mukah is a more convenient stop to my kampung. It'd be easier for my aunt / uncle / cousin to pick me up at Mukah Airport than at Sibu Airport.
These sort of arrangements are called 'Mix N Match', which I have perfected over the years of studying here. I could pick choice 'a' for balik kampung and option 'c' for coming back here. So far, that is my best solutions that would reduce the impact of the whole travel issues on my financial situation (sob!).
All in all, let's just say Raya travel would cost me RM550 - to RM600 / person. Which is a HUGE amount compared to a few years back when it only costs max RM450 (and that's traveling MAS, I tell you).
So sesapa yang rasa dia kaya & terasa nak ber'gerek'kan (gerek=awek) gadis Sarawak, bersedialah mengorbankan ongkos yg byk untuk support kos balik kampung tetiap tahun ni. Korang akan terasa bahang yang sampai berpeluh start dari nak buat kenduri kawen kat sana (muahaha!).
So far, aku sangat bertimbangrasa kepada lelaki2 Malaya sebab tak penah nak usha dieorg kerana aku amat memahami masalah $$ yg akan timbul ;) Case closed!

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