I've been lagging behind on updating my blog because it is hectic nowadays. My family came a couple of weeks ago and they had a jolly good fun here but I was not well (unfortunately) so I couldn't really accompany them on their trips. Then my sister came to KL on business trips and I got to stay in Renaissance Hotel & the other hotel in Bukit Bintang (I forgot the name of the hotel). I like sampling hotel rooms. It has become a hobby to me :p

Work-wise, a lot of things are moving and I am pretty happy with that. We just got the decorations approved (it took my assistant a couple of weeks to get the supplier to cut down the cost, and a couple of hours for me to further slash down the figure by removing some materials that I feel is either excessive, or we can do without, sort of like 'nice to haves' items). The festive cards are into print now, and the diary is proceeding smoothly.

Last week, coming back from Putrajaya after a presentation to one of the ministers, I voiced out to Trump my frustration on how I put great efforts & energy on one of the projects but it was delayed until we found a profit-generating strategy out of it. As a young executive driven by achievements, it has affected my motivation badly. Somehow, Trump saw it's more important to keep staff morale high at the cost of a measly couple of thousand ringgits. He did reprimand me however for not coming up to him and stating the case myself. The next day my boss brought the project to be approved again and came out with the good news. It has been approved.

Having an assistant is a blessing. She's been really enthusiastic ever since she was transferred into the department. Most of the mundane tasks are now handled by her and that allows me to work on new things and give me more time to think. At first I was kinda worried that we may not get along well coz she's a little bit outspoken and I'm quite reserved. However, over the past weeks, I change my perception on her. She's really serious about her works, and she's willing to learn new stuffs.

During our last business trip to Northearn state, I was quite surprised that she bonds well with the orphans. Nobody could've guess that she's the type that would stop and chatter with small kids but she did ask how old are they. Despite the fact that she may be quite different that most people, she's a very frank, see-through character, hardly a snob, quite a chatterbox (which balances my quiet, sometimes cool manner), and easy to get along with once you really know her.

Talking about Northearn trip, I managed to meet up with my ex-housemate / colleague, Jen! She's one of the FAB5 who had resigned to work in Penang (bigger paycheque, upgraded her Honda bike to a black Myvi!). When she came to pick me up, she was wondering where to bring me around in her hometown so finally she just brought me to Pekan Rabu, where Dr M once sold banana fritters by the roadside. It was really fun to meet her and before I checked in, we gave each other a hug and reminded her to update me on her 'love life' sequel.

September has been a very busy month this year but I hope I can write more often in October :) Not that I can promise that since the beginning of October will also be a hectic time with the presentation in Putrajaya due next week (sigh).

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