A few years ago, I once dreamed a weird dream.

I was chased by a few enemies without faces, and terrified, I ran and ran until I came to a wide crevice with never-ending bottom. I stood at the edge, unsure of what I had to do while the enemies were getting nearer.

I looked across the other side and there was a guy who stand there. A guy whose face I couldn't see properly. In desperation, I cried out to him, 'Help me.'

He extended his hand and told me, 'Jump across. I will catch you.'

I looked down at the bottomless pit in fear. I couldn't make it. I wouldn't be able to make it.

'I'll fall.'
'You won't. Trust me. I will catch you.'

I sensed the enemies were coming to kill me so I jumped and reached out for his hand. Just as he promised, he caught my hands and I landed safely to the other side. To safety.

Then I woke up.

A few more years later, I dreamed that I was strolling in an empty block of classroom. Upon reaching to one empty room, I heard somebody playing a beautiful haunting music. I went in and there was a guy who played the music on a grand piano. I stood beside him and he smiled.

'I am playing this song for you.'

And not too long after that dream, there was another dream of which this country was taken over by communists and they were hunting me down because I was a rebel. I tried to hide everywhere but they were always hot on my heels. To my frustration, everyone was reluctant to help me. Then a stranger came to my rescue and told me to hide in his car. When the communist checked his car, he protected me so convincingly that the communist let his car pass by. I was so relieved that I had managed to escape from the firing squad.

To my dearest husband-to-be, I hope the faceless guys in my dreams are you and you will be my saviour, my delight, my protector and my lover for as long as I live. I hope you will cherish me and care for me with tender, loving care. Em.. Jangan marah-marah bila orang selalu lambat ye, terimalah kelemahan orang ni seadanya sebab lepas ni awak akan sentiasa kena tunggu orang ;) Orang akan cuba untuk terima kelemahan awak juga.

P/S: I love you, husband-to-be.

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