I heard ur pregnant. You heard wrong, dude. Duh. I'm married for only 1 month. Duh again to you.

Of late every time I picked up the phone:

'So, are you pregnant now? '
'My goodness, pardon moi. I've just got married barely 2 months ago. Why? Cannot sabar to see scary little Carneyz, izit? I assure you my kids will be as scary as their mom.'

My hubby faced the same perplexity - so, made her pregnant already?
What? I'm a baby-making machine is it?

The truth is, when I decided to tie the knot (yeah2, and raised the eyebrows of many people to the point that they have to exclaim, 'why are you getting married??'), I was not too ready to immediately start 'Project Baby No. 1'.

I know a lot of people will scoff and give me a series of lecture, be it a religious ceramah or purely biological, that the MAIN reason we get married is to give birth to future generations. Carneyz, are you trying to contradict Nature?

Well, I'm not. I'm just not ready to shoulder a life-long responsibility of having kids of my own. At least not within this early age of marriage. Once you've got a kid, you can't halfway decide that maybe I'm not ready yet for this. Why? Because what are you going to do with your kid? Stuff them back into where they came from?

The truth is, we married each other because we want a healthy relationship, a relationship that is acknowledged by religion, by family, and practically everybody else. We want to be able to hold hands, to love and show affections to each other without limitations as only entitled to husband and wife.

At this stage, there a so many things that we need to know about each other. We are still earning to adjust our lifestyle to fit each other's. We have our own flaws and limitations, strengths and capabilities, that might contradict and to which we are working out areas we cancomplement or compromise.

We don't want after 20 years of marriage, one of us turn and say, 'You know, we are so different from each other. Let's get a divorce.' Because we didn't take the time to understand, to adjust and learn to live with a person who is not a mirror of us.

Along the way, I'm sure we will bring this marriage to the next level - having our own children. I like babies. I adore them that I want to pick up every babies that I met. I'm sure having my own one day would be a terrific experience. But I want to have one when I feel I am ready and matured enough to handle that tantamount experience.

For the moment, please don't check on my fertility rate and let us enjoy being lazy couple who like to wake up late and go off to wherever we want. Port Dickson as a start.