- Perhaps this sounds too good to be true for people who have never paid a visit to (name of place withheld). However, step into the loo and the first sight to greet you are (flower) petals floating serenely in bowls filled with crystal-clear waters. These ornaments are placed on the creamy white, polished ceramic sink with deep, round-ish water basins that will not let a drop of water splashed onto your shirt when you wash your hands at the sink.

Preservation of the environment is also incorporated in the restroom design. Each water-taps are turned on by movement sensors. When a person place his or her hands under the taps, water will spurt forth for a few seconds and turn off by itself, thus ensuring that wastage is limited. (excerpts of my review on a particular toilet)-

Adakah patut? Aku kena tulis pasal toilet? Oh, the joy of Monday. If you ask me how it feels to be me, I'd say. Write a review on toilets, and you'd know. I play with words and with shapes and with numbers. Oh, the joy of Monday.