Everyone has something that they enjoy to do and they make it their pursuits.

Some, like my friend, Magic, likes to travel because she likes discovering new things / uncovering the history. She will save up and earn extra cash for her trips and I must admit, I am really in awe with her because she has the courage to go places tainted by war or touched by poverty in her search for humanity. Currently, she's somewhere in Vietnam, wondering about the famous Vietnam war that happened in last three decades.

Some, like my sister, enjoys her job. She works with a multinational company who knows better than just sesuka hati slash another department's budget by half, and hope we'll manage to squeeze thru our way. I've never met anyone more enthusiastic about work than she does. Or more focused and clear about her work goals. I am very certain that in 15 years time (or even less), she'll be made a Senior Manager or even Managing Director and earns 20 times more than I do now, or even 15 years from now. I am nowhere near envy because I'm proud of my high-achiever sister, but I just wish I know how she keeps up her motivation when I barely could hang on to the idea that I could only leave work in another 3 hours (which equals to another 180 minutes or 10,800 seconds more) and return to office 12 hours later.

Some, like my ex-housemate / coursemate, Syani, likes being married and having a family. Ever since we were housemates during our student days, she had planned how to be a good wife and a good mother. She was married 3 weeks before I did, and now is expecting her first child. No one can argue that she works hard to be what she wants to be.

These are just some inspirational stories. Whatever you want to be, you go for it. You want to travel? Do a bit of research on places you want to go, save up and go. Want to love your job? Find what you love, plan it and work at it. Want marital happiness? Prepare for sacrifices and love every bit of it.

Most importantly, we must know what we want to be and how we can be it. We must love it so much that we will not mind spending the rest of our lives with it. And that thing we want to do give us a purpose in life and make us feel enthusiastic about getting up and starting the day.

Are you ready to go after your pursuits?

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