Over the weekend, suami terchenta spent half a day in the office and I was not in the mood to go out + not feeling too well. So I spent my weekend at home playing computer game (isn’t that typical?). On Sunday, feeling guilty over the state of my home, I did major houseworks – dusting cobwebs and countertops, cleaning the bathroom and the toilet, folding clothes, doing 2 rounds of laundry, sweeping the house, straightening up the bedroom, etc etc. I was thinking of doing the ironing but by the time I finished, I was really, really exhausted so I postponed it to some other time.

Suami terchenta came back home around 4pm and as we sat down for very late lunch / early dinner, he suddenly said,
‘I was working and suddenly a thought struck me. I feel like furthering my studies.’

(The sound of cd player screeching to a stop; time stood still and spiders that escaped my de-cobwebbing fell down from the ceiling)

I wanted to howl. Howling in happiness. In fact, I wanted to howl and do an Irish jig to celebrate this moment of awakening.

I thought I was hallucinating because I was having a throbbing headache. After watching so many episodes of ‘House’, I am convinced that migraine can cause hallucination (note: Watch the episode when House said, ‘I see music.’) 

Suami terchenta went on further to say,
‘At this stage, I feel that I’ve hit a point where I need to upgrade myself. Life is getting stagnant.’

Oh yezzaa, you hit right on the nail’s head. Workplace is getting stuffy. Dealing with the same conflicts and tribulations at work is suffocating me. The fact that I am feeling stupider by the days doesn’t do justice to my hard work & struggles at university.

Then I went ahead and brought my wistful suami terchenta crashing back to reality,
‘Oh great. Can we sambung study in UK?’

Like, hey, alang-alang we decide to starve ourselves after this, let’s go homeless and naked as well.

‘UK? What are we going to eatttt???’

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