This afternoon I received a phone call from a colleague in JB that made me very pissed off. In a loud voice, he demanded to know why his name was not listed on the website when he had done all the hard work compiling info on clients.

Pakcik bangang: 'Eh, why is my name not listed as contact person? I had done all the hard work, you should put the credit to me?'
Me: 'We know la you're doing your work. As for the contact person details, that's decided by my boss. Talk to him la.'
Pakcik bangang: 'Ya la, you know. But not everybody else! Later they think I don't do anything?'
Me (very annoyed already): 'I told you, my boss decides who gets his name on the website or who doesn't. Why are you scolding me?'
Pakcik bangang: 'I'm not scolding you. My voice is loud la, hello?'
Me: 'Whatever la. You call my boss, ask him (whether) can or not put your name there. Don't go attacking me like this. My job is to update the website as per instruction, ok.'
Pakcik bangang (in a I'm-not-done-with-you tone): 'Ok, I'll call him.'

He did exactly that. At 2pm sharp, he rang up twice. Twice, you know?? Just so he can have his name put up on the website!

I mean, what the fish?? Macam la dia buat kerja susah sangat? Itupun I had been bugging him for two weeks to get it done because his boss had been bugging my boss and in turn, my boss bugged me to bug him. When he got it done (finally!), he demanded free publicity like it is his own work effort.

Pakcik, if things work like that, the whole entire website should carry my name. Any queries, please contact ME because you know what, I work harder than you do to put it together. Ada faham? That stuff you compiled, I could've done it in one day if I was in JB 24/7. I don't need to wait for 2 whole weeks and every time had to listen to your lame excuse about the clients not co-operating.

Any posters, any buntings, any banners, anything down to the corporate brochure should include my name at the back or better still, on the front / at the top there because I designed them / I compiled those info. Why should they be free of my name after the thankless efforts I had put in? Shouldn't the whole world know that it is to my credit that this company owns a functioning website / up-to-date corporate brochure / cheaper posters because the creative artwork is done by me?

The only explanation to this whole thing is. Some people are really. Gila kuasa.

Excuse me. I go muntah darah.

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