Pak Lah is getting married again this Saturday. Congratulations Pak Lah for your upcoming wedding! May you live happily ever after. Btw, can't you change the wedding date to Friday which is a more berkat day? Then we can apply leave to go to your wedding. Hehe.
Excerpts from Pak Lah's interview:

"I believe God has created in your heart many spaces for
different people that you can love as much as you want..."

As a result of this statement, we ended up in an 'intellectually-stimulating' argument:
'Why you repeat that?'
'Wh...? No-lar, I thought funny, what...'
'What's so funny about that?'
'Aww.. you know, more space in your heart thing-y.'
'How come you are happy about it?'
'No, no! I'm not happy about it... you got me wrong, love.'
'You are smiling & laughing.'
'Ok, ok. It just sounds funny.'
'You are thinking of getting married again, is itttt?'
'Whaat?? No-lar!'
'You want to get more wives to fill that more space in your heart, right or not??'
'Eh, Pak Lah said that, not me, ah...'
'Oh, so you DID want to get 3 other wives!'
'Darling, don't jump your gun...'
'How COULD YOU?? We married less than a year, what! You already consider buka cawangan..!''Eh, where got, where got...'
'Not good enough kah, I treat you? I didn't please you, meh?'
'My dear...'
'Sure-lah. Enough, enough. Don't be angry la, ha? Ha, my comel, one and only wife?'
'... '

Hmm... Pak Lah's statement caused some stirs among us that night