I have a confession. I love my job to bits. It has everything to do with what I like doing. Design. Writing. Etc. But I want to quit (I’m already giving a deadline to hand my resignation letter). Why?


Well, I have another confession. I hate my environment. Even when I want to do my job so much, I have to plough through and push hard against the work environment to get it done.


… And so what if I want to place my marriage on top of work? The trouble with people nowadays are they are so driven by work that they spend too much time to build their career and too little time to make their marriage work. That’s why there are so many divorces nowadays, so many scandals at work and so many kids growing up without much guidance and become our biggest social problem. Yet, we still have the nerve to wonder where did things go wrong and come up with weird solutions like, training camps when the roots of the problem lie with us.


Call me old-fashion, ancient thinker, whatever. As far as I’m concerned, family is uno numero, the rest comes second. That includes work (you Trump, yes you).