LOL. I’m so behind in this technology. How could I? I thought I was a graphic designer true & true (at heart, anyway), but I hardly keep up with the technology that is so useful to a designer’s world. Like sending large files to the printer which previously, you can’t stuff it in the attachment compartment when using ordinary emails.

Anyway, who says woman magazine is rubbish? I found out about when I was flipping thru Female mag. Nowadays, they feature mascara breakthru side by side with IT breakthru (read: Women don’t just know how to put on make-up. We are IT-savvy too, dork).

So back to, this is a brilliant free FTP alternative provider that allows you to upload large files up to 1GB (for free account) and then email it to whoever you want to pass the file to. It’s like an email account, with a powerful capability to upload large files. When the recipient receives the email, they will be given a link as to where they can download the file. Which is cool. It means the email won’t reach the inbox in snail-pace speed (which always happens when you attach >5MB file to an email).

Picture this. Usually, email with a large attachment is equivalent to a courier service. If the attachment is small, the courier guy rides a motorbike, skips the traffic jam and passes the parcel to the recipient in no time and no sweat. If the attachment is big, then the courier guy has to put the package in a van, crawls in traffic jam, gets out a trolley, hauls the package on the trolley, and then only passes the package to the recipient. Which takes a longer time.

Now, with, the courier guy becomes a messenger boy who goes to the recipient, informs him / her that he/she has a parcel to pick up at

I am extremely blissed by this discovery. My world has become a brighter place now. I can now pursue my dream of becoming a graphic designer without having to fret about logistics problem. Hahahaha! <-- the sound of laughter goes on and on until someone shouts, ‘Eh, shut up la!’

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