Me getting wistful while stretching my legs watching the blue, blue sea

Song listened to right now: Do You Know (Enrique Iglesias) - he has really nice eyes, hor... oh, yeah. Married already, can't comment some other guy's eyes. But hubby's sleeping early, aiyoh. Can't see his eyes, that's why can only comment on Enrique's eyes).

Why listening to this song: Nice song! Get addicted to the chorus part. No, never got anybody in a hurry to throw me away. Except some targeted sponsors I called up yesterday. Eh, not that crazy for your RM, you think I like faking my voice to sound like some 'sugar, spice & everything nice' girl kah? What to do, my boring job requires me to do something boring i.e. asking sponsorship.

I feel sick. Have been sneezing since morning. How to play kaler2 when I'm sick? Why I'm sick when I'm free to play kaler2? Eh, don't start thinking that kaler2 tau. My kaler2 has something to do with opening Photoshop and then playing around with colour palate and come up with some nice design. Walioweh. You guys... TKM (tak kawen murtad. Don't ask why).

Now I'm worried. If I'm too sick to drive on Monday, but I have a meeting in JB, who's gonna drive me there? I don't care mah, I'm tai-koh my husband has no choice but to take emergency leave so we can go to JB. How about that, husband? If I leave you alone, don't tell me the TV pulak rosak. Just joking, don't bite my head off lar. Ok, I'm your cute wife, right? *give yummy-licious seducing looks at hubby*

We all know, I am not really in a loving relationship with my work, only with my hubby. When I said we, it means we all, like my boss, my colleagues, ex-colleagues, my friends, my husband and perhaps even Trump. Trump told me, 'Ok la, if you want to find some other job, go ahead. See how it's better than here.' I tell you, Trump likes to dangle carrot in front of me. More like, dangle the resignation letter la.

But I don't really like to quit like a loser with my tail between my legs *try to picture myself with a tail but I'm not an ass* (ass=donkey. That's English lesson for adik2)

I made a grand entrance and I should leave with a standing ovation. Right or not? What really ruffled my feather is, Trump acknowledges Chairman is cleverer than me! I knew that already since Day 1, but do you have to point it out Trump??? *Chairman tried to play it down by saying, 'Yeah right, my brain's full of fluff!' but he looked pleased all the same. I knew Chairman's poyo face, true & true since we were good friends for 3 years already*

Now at office, busy as hell (how people know hell is busy? Baffled). Become kelam-kabut and gabra already. Poor Survivor, can't really comprehend what I wanted to say because I couldn't make up my mind. All she could get out of me was, 'Meeting... on Tuesday morning. Eh no, make it earlier. Wanna leave early. Ok, ok. Monday, Monday afternoon. Should be sempat kot to go back same day. Eh, but so many work to do there. Omigod, omigod, OMIGOD!'

Survivor, I'm so sorry. I was trying to think 300 other tasks to do simultenously. That's why my brain got jammed. I almost burst out in tears when I found out what I did about the event. I'm a makcik already.

Last Friday, just as it nearly made me jump off the building in frustration to my own self (screamed at myself, 'You are less clever than Chairman! You only drive a Kancil when your friends drive BMW and Honda City! You are still a corporate slave and your friends are already working with big thinktanks or becoming assistant manager at your age! You screw up details when it's just a simple job! No wonder you are still a slaveeeeeeeee!') God saved my soul and sent some good news along. Some sponsors have agreed to sponsor the event. I'm soooo happy! On the other hand, one sponsor got annoyed because he claimed we were supposed to meet up with him on Thursday. Puzzled. Didn't we mention that we were still in JB on Thursday because we had to go to Singapore for a meeting?

Talk about Thursday meeting pulak. My first time going to Singapore for a meeting! *Excited, clap hands for myself* <-- Chairman's been to as far as the Phillipines to attend a meeting, I'm only crossing the Causeway pun dah bising2.

Aiyah, Chairman still the cleverer one than me! *wail in despair*

I spent the night preparing for the meeting. I wanted to impress the guy with UK / Aussie accent. Even though I don't come from IT background, I can speak website language hor. Wore formal dress macam nak gi court. Ha-ha. Why is this meeting something I look forward to more than the meeting Pak Lah chaired & attended by top think-tanks of the country? Is it because it has something to do with something I actually understand, like a website? I love website. I love html. I love flash. I want to learn how to create a Flash website some day. I want to be a website designer. How many times I mentioned that already, huh?

Also, last Friday managed to rush my boss to check articles I wrote for the newsletter, and sent in email to all subscribers. Seronok like gila ok. Like one burden off my shoulder (for this month). So far, I never missed the deadline for this one. For the rest of the month can focus on the website and this event. If I can accomplish both by next month, can hand in my resignation already! *drool at the thought of freedom from unnecessary pressure on my poor heart which, every time have to meet Trump, will beat erratically and at top speed*

By the way, I can safely include in my resume, 'Able to achieve targets on tight budget,' as one of my strengths. But then again, why would I want to work for another low-cost company again, huh? *rub my chin as if I have janggut like my hubby*

If When I quit, I will go market myself to some rich company, then no need to bang my head on the table every time my proposal came back, un-signed, and with a note to 'try slash the cost by another 20%' as if the price comparison on the memo done nicely in a table for quick reference does not prove that I have spent enough time sourcing for the BEST price.

Hahahaha! Now feel so enthusiastic to change my cover letter again! :p

Commercial break: Hubby rolls over on the sofa, mumbles something in his sleep, looks really adorable, I'm tempted to do something get Gillette razors and shave all his janggut. Muahaha. Muahahaha! But he will kill me for once when he wakes up. His janggut matters more than me apparently. *me look daggers at bidadari who are hanging on his janggut and returning smug looks at me. Grrr!*

Oh, now 1.30am in the morning. Should get off now and wake hubby to sleep in the bedroom. Poor hubby. I insisted that we should ride the bike with flat tyre behind from Midvalley to Brickfield because I don't want to pay RM20 just to change the tube when I can get the synthetic motor oil and a changed tube for that price. I'm so stingy with money. I don't earn as much as my friend who is driving a BMW in UK to just throw it away like that, ok! Hubby says, 'Macam main ice-skating tau bawak motor tayar pancit!' I'm sure it's not that bad because I was riding pillion and I haven't lose my weight yet (still fat ol' me) and became the stabiliser so it should be easy to ride the bike that far. My two cents anyway :p

Now, everyone can go to bed *everyone sigh with relief and go to bed*

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