There is something about Proton’s latest addition, Persona, that is charming the socks off me. Perhaps its sporty tail lights. Or its sleek interior. Or its spacious boot compartment (I am already contemplating the size of a baby stroller that can fit in that roomy boot, regardless the fact that Little Carneyz / Junaidix is not even in WIP process yet). Or the way it successfully looks posh even though it is not a posh car. In fact, to someone from middle income group like me, Persona is like BMW to someone in a higher group of income. Or maybe, it looks very much like Gen2, only better. And Suami Terchenta knows only too well how smitten I was with Gen2 (before Persona).

I am not really a demanding wife (haha, the look of outrageous on Suami Terchenta’s face just cancels that statement!). Ok, let me rephrase that statement. On most occasions, I do not demand too much. But since Persona reveals itself recently, everything changes. I can’t look at Suami Terchenta’s face without automatically asking for Persona. It just spews out of my mouth. ‘Hubby, can we get Persona? Can I get our Persona? When can I get my Persona?’ (Notice that from ‘ours’ to ‘me’) I am obsessed with that car already, it has become my car totally. Mine! MINE! MUAHAHA!

This morning, as we were driving to work, I was once again, trying to place an Imperius-like charm on Suami Terchenta to place deposit on Persona.

‘Personaaa…’ with manja2 effect.

Suami Terchenta was about to open his mouth to say no again when the radio sang:

‘Persona, Persona… Persona permata hatiku…’ Adibah Noor crooned sweetly about Persona.

We were stunned. After Kak Dibah finished crooning, I turned to Suami Terchenta and said, solemnly,

‘And that, Suami Terchenta, is a sign to buy Persona.’ :p

Suami Terchenta: Our first anniversary gift, perhaps? ;)

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