Procrastinate is my biggest habit. Procrastinate, not procreate. I mean delayed actions, not get laid actions ok. Somehow I always mixed up the word ‘procrastinate’ and ‘procreate’, as often as the word ‘eject’ and ‘ejaculate’. (Imagine telling people, ‘Please ejaculate the CD from the player.’ Huff huff. )

It has a lot to do with the fact that whatever work that I like to pro-cre-ate, I mean pro-cras-ti-nate, does not stimulate me. Intellectually, I mean.

Due to my procrastination, I now have to struggle hard to write the Project Closure Report (also known as ‘Postmortem’ report) of the event I had, like, 3 weeks ago? Wow. *Scratch nose. Usually, my memory retention can extend up to only previous 3 days, let alone try to remember every details that happened 21 days ago. *Bang head on the keyboard over and over again.

P/S: 6.30pm: I’m still half-way ploughing through that stupid report. Dammit. I hate writing reports.