Trump has a new nickname. Daddy-o.

Me to my assistant:

'Eh, ask your Daddy-o to approve t-shirt for all committee members since you're his favourite daughter.'

Again, me to my assistant:

'Daddy-o almost made me stay back and go to JB only on the eve of the event. Now he asks me to do some working paper.'

WWWWWHHHHYYYYY DADDDYY-OOOOO?? Can't you see I'm busy organising an event????

Talking about the event made me stressed out again. First, it was a depressing problem of short of participations. All of a sudden yesterday, we were bombarded with so many last-minute registrations that we run out of space. Apparently, the news release came out in local dailies ONLY YESTERDAY. Didn't we submit the news release like, last week?

In between updating participants' list, and answering calls from frantic interested parties, and other stuffs, Daddy-o asked me to do extra works pulak.

'Prepare a letter to Dato' R, cc to Datuk Sri E. Before you go to JB, I want it.'

Because Daddy-o wants the letter today before lunch and the draft for the working paper within the same day, I am still up sprawled amidst documents of past minutes of meetings, reports that don't make sense and eyes that crave for sleep.

Note to self: Period.

The End:

(Daddy-o introducing me to his guest, 'This is my most hardworking staff.' Hardworking je??! Oh yeah, I forgot. The intelligent label already goes to the Chairman earlier. I hate you, Chairman because you are labeled intelligent and yet, do not have to do Trump's chores).

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