One fine day, one couple went shopping at Jusco. At Jusco, they decided to buy a house. Other people go to Jusco to buy smaller things, but they went there and bought a house. Other people save up a lifetime to buy their dream house, but this couple, this crazy couple, bought a house without any savings at all except for the savings to go to their dream honeymoon in Bali.

It was just one of my many impromptu habits of waking up one day and saying, ‘Hey, let’s do something outrageous.’ Like buying a house without any money for the downpayment.
(Before this incident, I once decided to go to Australia, called my dad to give me some money and then boarded a flight to Melbourne.)

Luckily, it was a university-sponsored trip then. And luckily, in this scenario now, we only need to pay RM1000 for downpayment. That means that we have to apply for full housing loan.

To be honest, after that, I felt scared sh*t. Like, omigosh, are we ready to own a house??? What about kids? We haven’t saved up for kids! What about that gung-ho statement ‘I’m-quitting-my-job-no-matter-what-happens’? Now cannot-quit-no-matter-what!

Then again, I persuaded myself that this is totally the right thing to do. Properties in KL are not getting any cheaper. Anytime, we might get kicked out of our rented house, if the owner decided to occupy the place. Or, we might be forced to pay higher rentals in subsequent years and we are not even getting anything at the end of the day! So, buy a house now while it’s still affordable!

We’ve gone through several housing loan brochures and have submitted our documents to one bank we felt is the most competitive. But, if anyone of you out there who had purchased a property under construction (an apartment, to be precise) and have any advice on which loan is the best, please drop comments. We really appreciate it!