I have failed you. But I did know what else to do. Should I stop and go under the car to pick you up. Then where should I bring you to? I do not know the nearest help. I felt as helpless as you. I am now punished by thoughts of how you fared. I feel angry at the inconsiderate driver who knocked you down.

I cry now for you. Did you manage to get up and crawl to safety? Or did more cars come to knock you down until you are no longer the black kitten I saw this morning? Why are humans so cold-hearted nowadays? Why didn't I stop and pick you up to safety, until I can figure out what to do to save you?

I feel irresponsible. I feel that I have failed you. I feel that I have failed myself. Because I have pledged to help those who cannot defend themselves like you. I wish now that if God has taken your life, let it be quick and pain-less. What now, should I answer to God. That I have failed you.