My CLK's (Cute Little Kriss) lubricant oil has been leaking for the past few days. We kept saying that we will go to the workshop to get it checked, but we were too lazy to get out of the house last weekend :p

So we only went today after work. We headed to the motorcycle workshop near our house. The last time we went there to change the oil, we were given good service. And to find a good workshop nowadays are not really an easy task.

Anyway, the mechanic informed us that it's probably the gasket which is causing the problem. Besides, CLK has not been fully serviced since... last year? :p

When it comes to choosing the lubricant oil, we always opt for Shell Advance SX2. We really can feel the difference :) For more tips, maybe you can check out this site.

To cut the story short, in total we will have to fork out RM100 to get the gasket changed, another refill of lubricant oil and a complete service on the engine. Ok, CLK. We know you deserve it. Go ahead and splurge.

Since the complete work will only be finished tomorrow afternoon, we had to walk back home. Suami terchenta was so tired that he slept early tonight. Kesian.


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