Early in the morning, after solat Hari Raya, this conversation ensued between a husband and a wife:

Wife: Which do you choose? Cooking (laksa Sarawak) or washing the toilet?
Husband (considering): Cooking.

Hubby headed to the kitchen, prepared to cook. Wifey went to the toilet, armed with detergent and stuffs. Hubby called out, 'Dear, what is supposed to be put into this pot?'

Wifey gritted her teeth and called back, 'Just read the instructions on the packet!'

2 minutes later, they switched roles. Wifey cooked, hubby scrubbed the toilet.

1 hour later:

Wife: Dear, help me make thin omelettes by whipping one egg at a time. Make 3 eggs, ok.
Hubby (nodding): Got you.
(Hubby whipped the 3 eggs together and fried them all in the pan)
Wife (big eyes and murderous look at hubby): Why did you fry all of the eggs together????
Hubby (looking wise and satisfied with himself): The pan is big enough to fry all 3 eggs.
Wife (looking not so satisfied): I. wanted. thin. omelettes. Grrr...

What an amicable start to the Aidiladha celebration.

So this was how our celebration looked like:

Some of the feast prepared, and some given by our next door neighbour (photo courtesy of Kak Retna)

From left: Topek, Fysal and Mr Shai (photo courtesy of Kak Retna)

As Fysal helpfully pointed out, our special menu was laksa Sarawak. Hubby prepared everything, and I merely helped to prepare the gravy :p (photo courtesy of Fysal)

Our Hari Raya guests (photo courtesy of Kak Retna)

Thank you to Kak Retna, Shai, Fysal & Topek (who drove all the way from Perak and Tanjung Karang) for coming for Hari Raya visit to our house and helping us to finish off the laksa :) Thank you also to Shai who came with lemang Pak Ali and the delicious serunding.

In short, we are certainly very happy to welcome guests to our house. Hopefully, we get to host more eating sessions at our home for more friends. Check out Suami Terchenta's blog from time to time!

Lastly, it's not too late to wish 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha' to all my blog readers.

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