During the first few days after adopting Rio, there were moments when I was anxious that Rio had constipation because he did not poop. He peed in his box, 'cried' a lot, and did not like to be left alone. He did everything but pooping.

At that time, I thought this is something to be worried, but if I had known earlier, I wouldn't be encouraging Rio to poop so much. Now, all he does is poop. Poops after a nibble of food, after completing a round of the living room tour, and after he wakes up from his cat nap. At first, it amused us to see him stopping whatever he's doing to go for his toilet break. But after a while, it really gets on our nerve and we wish he was born without a bowel.

This is especially so whenever I come back from work and the first thing to do is to clean up the toilet. I would wonder, did we adopt a young cat or a baby elephant? A day in the toilet, and Rio managed to poop everywhere except in the toilet bowl. Even his carrier and the wall was smeared with his poop. What did the cat do while we are at work? Skimp around in the poop, then ran everywhere? Was he so bored that he decided to make arts out of his own poop?

In return, we bully Rio for pooping so much. Every time he poops, he will get a bath. He hates it so much but since he has the worst toilet manner and he steps on his own poop, we have no choice but to immediately whisk him to the bathroom and wash him again. Otherwise, his mess would be imprinted on our clean, green carpet!

We also love to do this - while he sleeps, Suami Terchenta would position his feet to cover his eyes. Rio just looks comical in this position! Hahaha!

At the moment, I can still be patient with his pooping habit, but I'm starting to think that he seriously needs to be taught by an older cat on how to poop properly and neatly without sending showers of the poop-infested sand everywhere on the 10th-time scrubbed toilet floor. Because honestly, in another week or two, I might resort to smacking his small bottom for making me repeat the same task over and over again, and I paling benci buat benda yang sama tiap2 kali.

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