Today I woke up extra early. I had made preparations the night before so I won't rush this morning. I put my Herbalife shake (which I prepared last night), a bottle of water and my nasi lemak tapow for lunch in a paper bag. At 7.15am, I was ready to go to work. Sounds like a perfect beginning to the day, right?

It started with the rain...
Only, it rained. I got wet. The paper bag got wet. I reached office 5 mins to 8am. Never mind, I can still rush to my office high up in the sky on time.

...Then the SIM card holder failed
I was so wrong. Because I'm new, I had to get temporary pass every time I came to work. Which means, I have to surrender my IC and gave my employee ID number. Since I recently acquired the ID, I stored it in one of my sim cards in my supposedly dual sim card phone. So when it was my turn to surrender my IC, I flipped on my phone and hey presto! The stupid sim card holder that stored my employee ID did not work, so my phone was displaying 'Insert SIM'!

I had to turn off the phone, got out the sim card, switched it to the other holder, switched it on and waited for the slow system to well, download the phone book. Which took hours while the queue behind me got more impatient by the minutes.

... Which followed by the suicidal bottles
Finally, the amazingly slow phone displayed my employee ID, I got to take the temporary pass and was ready to rush to the pass reader. Just as I turned, my wet paper bag gave way to the heavy water bottles and both bottles crashed to the floor in the way bottles fell in a horrible dream. You know, in that slow-mo way and you could actually see the trajectory of the bottles' path as it plunged down to the destruction of my dignity.

... And the spilt drink
I was all out to swear in the way I never swear before. The Herbalife bottle came undone and some of its contents spilt. Grreeaattt. The spilt drink made the bottle slippery and I was gradually losing my temper but trying to hold it together as best as I could (which was difficult). I managed to go through the pass reader, the security screening and inside the lift, with the stupid drink still making my life even more miserable. A man tried to help me as the bottle threatened to commit suicide again which resulted in him being unhappy coz his hand got wet & smelled like chocolate+cappucino. OK, even I got unhappy!

... Ended Up With A Messed Up Me
With my hands full, I tried to find tissues in my handbag (only a person used to handling various things at once knew how to do this) to pass to the man. Then, still swearing under my breath, I hurried to another lift to get to my office level, so I could dump my burdens on my table and then just wailed in frustration!

This was just not my day.

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