I just created my blog header this morning and hard work, okay! I don't cilok2 gambar one, some more I want to portray the Raya card I gave to Suami Terchenta this year. How, nice or not? Got big, shiny ketupats on the cover :)

First, got to select which cards got featured in the header. This one was given to me by Hubby:

Got heart-shaped pattern, ok la. Not bad la. But from afar, won't look like Hari Raya, more like Valentine's!

Then, this is the card I gave to Suami Terchenta:

Actually, we bought the cards together and I saw that he kept picking up this card, so I bought this for him :)

Next step is to take a creative shot of this card. Since Suami Terchenta is the pandai-er one when taking photos, he became the photographer la! Hehe.

We shot a few photos, but I always complained one:

Towel enter-framed la...

Don't like the lighting la...

Angle not so good la...

Finally, after 20+ shots, I decided on this. Can see the reflection of my book rack in the mirror, hehe. I always read before bedtime, so sleepy and then just stack the books sesuka hati. Some more, can see the mirror a bit dirty. Nampak sangat tak selalu lap cermin! :p

So, after that the selected photo underwent several transformations with the help of Photoshop CS2, and the end result is... October's blog header! :)

Finally, I have a new header until the next time I feel like messing around with Photoshop again :p

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