We were watching 'Troy' on TV3 tonight and I swear by God's name, I have not watched this entire movie before. So naturally, I did not recognize the characters in the movie. Naturally.

'Wonder who's that guy? Must be Helen's hubby.'
Suami Terchenta casually answered, 'Nope. He's Paris' brother.'

Surprised, I asked him, 'How did you know?'
He replied, 'We watched this movie together. Don't you remember?'
'No we didn't.'
'Yes, we did. I remember we watched it during one of our dates.'

How could I NOT REMEMBER a character if I've watched this movie before??? I know sometimes I forget stuffs, but it can't be that bad that I forgot the entire story line of a movie I watched before?

So again, naturally, I had to smack his bottom and ask, 'No, I don't think so. So, who did you watch this movie with? Answer me!' ((Sambil buat mata besar))

He insisted that we watched this movie together, during one of my date trips to KL. But, I was not convinced totally. I can't have forgotten ALL scenes in the movie!

'If I watched Troy with you, how come I can't remember it?'
'I have no idea... but I know I watched this movie with you.'
'My memory can't be that bad! At least, I should remember at least one scene in this movie!'
'But we watched this movie together, I remember!'

After 10 minutes of bickering, I finally exclaimed,

'I know I haven't watched this movie, mister hubby! Coz I don't remember a thing at all about this movie. Unless I was knocked down by a car and lost my memory. But I don't REMEMBER LOSING MY MEMORY, okay!'

Somehow, the incredulous sentence that spewed out of my mouth got into both of us and we were laughing our heads off. That was the time when he suddenly remembered:

'Oh, my ex-housemate bought the CD. I must have watched it with them!'

*Smack head*

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