.... get a life la, Carneyz. *Shake head*

Seriously, I don't know what to write this week. I'm so busy with work, work is too boring to tell here, so how leh?

Anyway, this weekend I'll try to spare some time to think of how to have fun in 100 days. Can or not? Have fun also need to think, kesian la this lady... Memang tak de life la.

I'll start with Fun #1. A Healthy, Yummy Drink.

If you work in KLCC like me, it'll be good for your health. Why la? By lunchtime, food court is packed to the brim with people you can't hardly feed yourself, so are fast food outlets. Other places are too expensive to eat. So, go cuci mata la. Walk around and burn some calories. Or go to either TTFC or Fitness First gym to work out.

Today while I cuci mata, I decided that I should have something light for lunch and I stopped by Juiceworks. I was tempted by O'Briens but I was craving more for something sweet. So I bought myself a meal replacement drink called Ri*e N Shi*e.

What's in it? Mango, banana, soy / dairy milk, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, cereal, yogurt and other nice stuffs. They also have one almost similar drink called Bana*a Bla*t *ff that swaps mango with strawberry.

The taste? I am oh-so-lovin'-it! It's simple, fuss-free pick-me-up that tastes yummy and fulfilling. I'm not too sure about the calorie content though because its lousy website doesn't carry the info - but it leaves me full till 7pm. Hah. How's that for a power meal? Not only it tastes good, it has protein, fibre-packed cereal, yogurt and vitamin C-packed fruits which takes care of the nutrition part.

I am so seronok now that I have a healthy option for lunch :) So, can put in Fun list, kan? Boleh kan?

(I love the shake-juice so much that I made my own banana-strawberry shake, minus the vanilla ice cream for dinner. Will share the recipe later, Insya Allah)