Happy Birthday, bro! =)

I never really talked about my brothers. Not because I forgot about them, but when I last left them to further study 7 years ago, we were at the age of whereby we'd rather hide them under the carpet than admitting that we were related *roll eyes*. If I had to mention it to my friends, I'd mutter under my breath, 'Yes, my younger bro can we change topic?'

Turned out I was plain stupid to being embarrassed about having younger brothers because - look at my brothers! They are every young girls' heartthrobs at school because they played sports and they are oozing in good looks. I mean - just look at their sister! (masuk basket angkat sendiri)

This is my second brother and he turned 22 yesterday. Recently he flew to KL to continue his degree program after finishing his diploma in UiTM Kuching. For the first time ever, I was joined by one of my siblings in KL.

At first I was rather reluctant to having him come over. KL is a totally different city than Kuching - what if he can't hold on his own and got mixed up in bad company? After all, Shah Alam is not that near to where we are staying now so it's hard for me to hawk over him.

Worse, what if he made the same decision as I did 7 years ago, i.e. stay put in this side of Malaysia?

Horror, horror.

But when he eventually joined us for a vacation after so many years of never going anywhere together, I kind of feel pleased to have my brother here. I had never really spent time with any of my siblings which left me really guilty about it most of the time, so having him here with me sort of vanquished that feeling. Now I'm spending time with one of my family members ok. Sesungguhnya saya bukan lupa daratan.

I would like to think that he feels likewise (hello big sister whom I've never really sit down for more than five minutes over the past 7 years but now we're spending vacation together). He even made attempts to chat (the first time he did that, saya nyaris pengsan) and that effort is actually a big leap of development for him - because he's the quietest in the family. He's almost like Chairman in personality except that he's not poyo *Ainie, jangan marah I kutuk bakal hubby you. Hahaha!*

Occasionally we texted each other and he requested for a birthday gift today (in the past years, I was usually the one who asked whether he wanted one, not the other way round). Hopefully, this whole thing is not just because he wanted my CLK. Kadang2, adik2 lelaki saya bukan boleh percaya pun, sebab mereka ada motif tersembunyi

<-- berprasangka="" br="" buruk="" muahaha="" sungguh="">
Anyway, Happy Birthday again, bro. No, I'm not giving away my CLK because you're now old enough to take up a part-time job (like me last time) and saved up for your own ride. Anggaplah kakakmu ini mengajar awak berdikari :p (padahal sebenarnya saya malas nak repair CLK lama)

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