In my most obnoxious opinion, I think Malaysian tourists are irresponsible and lazy. No doubt everyone is entitled to be lazy during their break, but that should not be an excuse to litter lovely places like Pangkor Island!

Oh yeah, btw I'm currently sitting down for a late lunch in Pulau Pangkor, one of my fave spot. Usually I don't blog when I'm on vacation but I'm so indignant at the behavior of Malaysian tourists that I simply must whip out my mobile and vent out my feeling HERE AND NOW!

I'm utterly upset with the attitude of 'someone else will clean up my rubbish' especially when it is committed at beautiful locations famous for its natural wonder. Malaysian tourists are usually the culprits with this disgusting attitude. They don't even feel guilty! In their pea-sized brain, as long as it's not my property, I can't be bothered. Other people also do, what?

Yet when they visit other countries they have the nerve to complain that 'Malaysia so dirttyyyy..' Dumbo. Who created the mess in the first place?

Is it too heavy to bring along disposable bags to keep all the rubbish after you're done with your picnics? Is it such a hassle to pick up that plastic wrappers / empty bottles / cans and stuff them in your bag before dumping them in rubbish bin at the main island? Got no brain, kah? Or you people actually stay in rubbish dump, so already used to it?

Kesian... Stay in rubbish dump. No wonder cannot learn to pick up own rubbish.

Come on la people! You all love holiday-ing, just like we do. We go to sandy white beaches with clear water so we can look at the colourful fishes. So please don't turn that white beach into 'colourful' beach because of various plastic wrappers left behind. Don't choke the fishes by leaving empty bread wrappers after feeding 'em with the bread. In short, don't spoil our vacation places!

Or you'd rather don't have any places to go to during school break / public hols because you spoilt them? If I was born with pots of money, I'd probably buy all the islands in Malaysia and make them private! Padan muka korang takde tempat lagi nak dikotorkan! Then you can just rot in your rubbish dump home while I enjoy having beautiful & CLEAN islands, protected from uncivilised & irresponsible people like you people. Hahahaha!

I just hope that if Malaysian tourists who happened to stumble into my blog read this rant of mine, they will sit up and take note. Siapa yang makan cili, dia yang terasa pedasnya. Do the right thing.

Be responsible. Pick up your own rubbish! Believe me, it's not that hard at all. If you're too dumb, I'll give free lessons on Proper Rubbish Disposal 101. No problem!

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