... In Suami Terchenta's case la, not mine. I would probably flee & scream like a banshee if I turned 30.

Not that he would admit it. He woke up and said, 'Wow, I feel like... 17.' *smack my head*

This year, I don't actually have a birthday gift for Suami Terchenta because... well. We lost the gift 6 months ago. He was supposed to share same birthday with Suami Terchenta.

Regardless, one doesn't turn 30 that often and I am currently under extreme duress at work that I need a break more than he needs a birthday celebration so it was just an excuse for me to splurge a bit.

We had a wonderful weekend getaway at our now-not-so-favourite hotel in town:

He looks simply adorable in this photo:

We spent the whole day lounging and watching tv in the room, just unwinding. We did not feel leaving the room - after all I paid two day's worth of my daily wage for the room so we might as well spent as much time in it as possible :p But as night fell, we were forced to roam Pavillion for dinner.

Dinner was TGIF, we had their gobsmacking Buffalo Wing and so-so steak and Whitefish. More importantly, we had an enjoyable & proper dinner, something we had not had since I started work at my new office (especially so now. Sigh).

At first we wanted to go for movie after dinner, but changed our mind. He wanted to watch the rest of football game on tv in the room and I had bought an interesting book (Angel & Demon, by Dan Brown) which I could not wait to start on.

I am glad that we went away for weekend because I felt that I truly need the break and Suami Terchenta ought to have some sort of celebration to compensate the fact that I had no idea what to give him this year. So it was a win-win situation :)

To Suami Terchenta, once again Happy Birthday. I do hope you enjoy the relaxing moments we had this weekend ;)

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