Our weekend... always tak jadi.

Every night before Saturday, I always make a mental note. Saturday, want to:

  1. Pergi pasar buy groceries.
  2. Tidy up home.
  3. Go jogging.

Sometimes when I feel I want to go out, I add:

  1. Jalan-jalan @ Jalan TAR.
  2. Watch movie.
  3. Window shopping.

This week, add 1 more wish list:

  1. Want to visit my brother in Shah Alam.
  2. Want to go Pesta Buku Antarabangsa @ PWTC.

Come Saturday morning? Sleep feels 10 billion times better, so snooze till 10am :p Then wake up, kacau Suami Terchenta (still sleeping). After that, angan2 want to eat nasi lemak but then couldn't be bothered to prepare / buy. So, eat a healthy breakfast cum lazy one (fruits lor). Kacau Suami Terchenta again. Forced myself to do laundry, kacau Suami Terchenta again.

Afternoon, still lazy to go out. Kacau Suami Terchenta, let's order delivery. Tak sempat pergi pasar 'dy. Suami Terchenta said ok (after kira2 duit in our wallets) so called McD for two set of meals. Haha. Suami Terchenta asked, when are we going out la? I said, later la. We eat first. Before that, help me do e-filing (before income tax website becomes slow like turtle).

Two hours later, laze in front of tv. Suami Terchenta's turn to kacau me. Suddenly we realize - eh, evening 'dy! Tak sempat visit my brother. Hihi. Tomorrow la...

Night falls. Let's go pasar malam, I said. Ok, Suami Terchenta agreed. Let's go after Maghrib, I proposed. Now, already Isyak. Still in front of laptop, blogging & surfing the Net. Walioweh! I think this will also be another 'tak jadi' plan!

Huhu. Welcome to Mr & Mrs Junaidix's weekend...

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