As I entered the lift that will bring me to the sky concourse this morning, I remembered an email by Ainie that made me grin - my office as the nominee of 77 World Wonders.

Me: Ha, like that also can be World Wonder?
Ainie: That's why you're all stressed out, by the reputation...
Me: Ah... No 'Wonder'...

Truth be told, when I first came to KL for a date with Suami Terchenta, we met here. Had a date here. And now, I'm working here. Somehow, it was part of my destiny, I guess.

The sky concourse. Everybody hurried to change lift that will bring us to our individual levels. I remembered the first day I reported for duty. I had felt so awed, so proud, so... accomplished (and so lost). From an underground office back at the airport, then to the most stylish office in KL after the move from JB and moving higher up to Malaysia's tallest building. Yup, literally I am slowly 'climbing up' the corporate ladder.

Why then, I am still not fulfilled?

My routine started. Washed my mug, made Quaker Oats, signed in my profile and logged in my email. Established my tasks and got right away at doing it. There are millions of things to do, 8am - 6.30pm is inadequate! If I was still single, I'd probably worked till late at night every day. It was not much difference from my previous job.

Hmm. I wonder how is my hi-tech park project going on right now? Had the team figure out whether to get IPP or TNB for power requirement, or the blueprint of the park or the investors...? Had they gone to Bentley for a site visit, or KHP the least?

Sheesh, Carneyz... It's not your project anymore. Now, you are in charge of performance, meetings, preparing minutes, chasing deadlines, etc. etc.


Still, life moves on. Still. Something is bugging me at the back of my mind.

Still the little one is not coming. He who was to be the ultimate birthday gift to Suami Terchenta this month, or so I thought 9 months ago.

Be at peace, my son.