Yours truly, Jen & Ainie - shop-a-holic comes in threesome

Remember that crazy bunch of friends I inherited way back in JB? Last time when we earned peanuts, we were not so crazy about shopping but we spent quite a lot of time at bowling alleys, movies and the dungeon (a.k.a. our underground office).

But now. Some more, the crime scene is moved to KL, and our paycheques were not so peanuts but probably more like hazelnuts, our hobby seemed to evolve to... shopping.

Well, we were doing it again. Teman-ing Ainie si budak perasan comel shopping for her soon-to-be-hubby's convo in UK. Have you guys any idea of how tiring but hilarious it is?

Moi tak pergi la habiskan duit shopping for those expensive clothes because I had exhausted my shopping allowance this month, and Jen is more like an obedient wife who won't spend money scared her hubby will lecture her. So both of us spent our time becoming free fashion consultants to our darling Ainie.

Nevertheless, no harm in just trying out those clothes, kan Jen? ;)

Jen said, 'Eh, I look pregnant in this baju!'

So much fun we had that these two ladies played hide-n-gotcha! behind flimsy dress:

'Would Chairman marry me on the spot if I wore this transparent top??'

The blouse that both fashion consultants strongly advised against, but Ainie loved it for some strange reasons

Ainie: 'Guess which dress I bought, Chairman? Bet you can't wait to see me!'

'Guess, Chairman, guess... Muahaha!'

After 2 hours of shopping for the perfect dress (phew!), we met up with Survivor and Cik Nanie, and then we had lunch at one of the sushi restaurants at The Garden (tak sedap, garam overloaded and over-priced jugak). Then, I had to quickly sprint to the surau to pray Zohor and back again because Ainie's flight back to JB was in less than 2 hours time.

We all decided to send her off to Subang Airport including Jen who forgot to inform her hubby. She got carried away with all this girls outing! Muahaha! So, Mr Chen did not want to fetch her and Survivor had to send her back to her house. Still it was a fun outing.

I would have included the pix of us at Subang Airport (posing tak ingat laki, amik ko!) but Cik Nanie still had not send it to us :p I sooo need an iPhone a compact camera ;)

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