Psst.. look at this photo:

Look at me and the lady behind

Same expression, meh? Like mother & daughter in law meh? Hahaha! Both of us were looking at Suami Terchenta, wonder what we were probably thinking:

Mother in law: ....why is my son taking photos all the time? Let me babab him!
Me: Why is he so adorable? Let me... bite my lips!

This weekend my parents in law flew in from Kuching to spend quality family time together with us. Since they've never been to KL before, Junaidix a.k.a Suami Terchenta had planned an exhausting exhaustive list of places to bring them to, which include:

1. My office:

The Musa Family posing between two towers

The Musa Family + Menantu

2. KL Tower:

Loving couple at the foot of KL Tower

MIL spotted something exciting from the top of the tower

3. Tugu Negara:

PIL posing in front of the monument

4. Islamic Art Museum (where I used to shoot corporate video back when I was still working with Mr Trump):

Trip to museum for a cultural experience (and the aircond!)

5. Masjid Negara:

To pray, of course

6. Dataran Merdeka:

FIL was so proud to finally make it here

7. Some awesome grafitti:

Seriously good art we found behind some back alley

And last but not least, Jalan TAR:

Braving the throngs of people in search of t-shirts for my two brother & sister in law

HOWEVER, if you ask them which experience they love the most, they'll give you this answer pronto:

... mother in law

... father in law

... horse riding.

They love it even more than bargain-hunting at Jalan TAR and even sightseeing at KLCC and Dataran Merdeka. All the way back to home after dinner at Satay Haji Samuri at Taman Melati, they kept on relating their experience riding a horse. And forever it will be imprinted in their mind, the memory of KL is not KLCC or Putrajaya or Dataran Merdeka, but KL=horse!

If you noticed that I was not really in the photos, actually I was more interested to find the shadiest place which meant I could be far away from the photo shoot. Yup, yours truly is a chick chicken when it comes to being exposed to direct sunlight.

I really admired my MIL for being able to be out in the sun even though it was a hot and sweltering day :p

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