So the next day, we went to the National Zoo, coz you know what? Even though the Land of Hornbills is the biggest state in Malaysia, we don't have a freakin' zoo of our own, except if you count in The Wildlife Park in Bintulu (well, they don't have giraffe and Gloria hippo, so it doesn't count as a zoo):

Zoo Negara
At the zoo entrance

While waiting for hubby to buy the tickets, I checked out the noticeboard and found out that the Animal Show will start soon:
Zoo Negara
Hurry up! The show'll start in 5 mins!

I had never watched the Animal Show, which made me a real pathetic. Hubby watched once when he went to Madrid Zoo and he said it was awesome (yeah2... he had more fun than me when we were in Madrid, because I was cooped up in some boring conference while he went exploring the city).

So in our excitement, we walked fast-fast to the show, found good seats before the show started, and realised that we left our parents behind. Bummer. I'm sooo not getting any nominations for best daughter-in-law award:

Zoo Negara
Phew, Made it on time!

The show started with a flock of birds flying across the audience and already, I was as excited as a two-year-old toddler. Suami Terchenta laughed at me and teased, 'So, who's more excited to visit the zoo, Dad or you?' Excuse me dear, but in case you hadn't notice, Dad happened to be excited as well.

Then a parrot showed its skill hoisting the Malaysian flag on a mini pole:

Zoo Negara
Oi, how clever!

And a baby seal jumped through a loophole and clapped its hands (feet) cleverly:

Zoo Negara
What would animal show be without the bright & funny seal?

And that was it. No dolphin. WHY no DOLPHINS?? *wail*

Ok, I had to contend with no dolphins and get a move on with life. After the show, we all trooped out and started our zoo tour. Zoo was well, zoo. Lots of animals, some looking bored, some were grazing, or just plain sleeping. To cut the story short, here's a couple of photos of our parents posing in front of zoo animals:

Zoo Negara
With the giraffes...

Zoo Negara
... and elephants

Here's Mom feeding sugar cane to one of 'em:

Zoo Negara

And us posing in front of the bored lion:

Zoo Negara

When I last posed in front of the camels during our last visit to the zoo 4 years ago, I never thought that we'd come here again and pose with our parents pulak:

Zoo Negara
The two generations together with the clueless camel

Zoo Negara
Mom-in-law looking tired

2 hours later, we figured that we had had enough and it was time to leave the zoo:

Zoo Negara
Bye Zoo. Till the next relatives come to visit...

To be continued... the trip to Putrajaya.

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  1. Nice vacation.
    Enjoy reading your story:)


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