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Lately I don't have the mood to blog.

I am once again seriously considering of being on hiatus for a long time. It was just that work has taken a really bad toll on me.

Every time it's Sunday, I started to feel anxiety attack. I began to dread Monday very badly, that Sunday is not enjoyable at all. I hate Sunday. I hate Monday even more. Every other day except Saturday, I just plough through it like a zombie.

Imagine only being alive for one day - Saturday.

God. I need a reason to continue this half-life. I'm wasting my youth in misery.


  1. feel the same too. overworked.
    btw, nice shades!

  2. BUkan takat slimmer, makin cun bini si junaidix nie..hehe

  3. Chris --> thanks babe! love trying out the shades at Jusco too :p hehe.

    husna --> hahaha! those are just illusions! but, thanks. sori xde duit kecik! :p

    k. shiemz --> awww... segan la.. *blush
    tq3x! sori, xde duit kecik! :p


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